Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn/Winter Morning Necessities

As you will know, this is my favourite time of the year but one of the things I sometimes struggle with is the cold, brisk mornings. You know the ones where, after spending an ETERNITY on your make up, you walk 10 steps from your front door and your nose and eyes decide they hate you and the dams open? Yeah, those.

I think it's really beneficial to invest in a good scarf during the colder months, you can always wear it and take it off if you are too warm but leave the house without it and realise you need it? Been there, done that - it's not nice! You do get lots of thin, flimsy scarves but for a few quid more you can get some gorgeous thick, chunky ones - the one shown in the pic above is from primark.

Now, if you are anything like me, your ears will glow like Rudolph's nose in the colder mornings. My ears are usually the first thing to go numb - no joke! (Seriously though, that pain when they start to'thaw' so save yourself the neon ears (and the pain!) and buy some ear muffs. Now I know they might not suit all of you - I mean, I envisage myself as a chic, elegant lady wearing mine, you know the scene where she's resting against the railings on some Parisian street, however in actual fact I look like I have a potato on both ears joined by a headband! BUT they do serve a purpose and they can be accessorised which means they can look more cute and less potato-y.

One thing that kick starts most of us in the mornings is caffeine, so get yourself an insulated coffee cup and take your favourite drink with you! Starbucks do some really cute ones if you are looking to spend more than a couple of quid - Primark sell some cheaper ones though if you are on a budget.

The colder mornings, harsh winds and blaring heating all play havoc with our skin, I mean sometimes I can almost feel my face shrivel up and turn prune like and my lips turn into gross, peely lumps so it's really important to have lip balm and hand/face moisturiser to hand. I keep small, travel size ones in my handbag so I can apply when I feel particularly prune-like.

Although completely optional, if you are feeling particularly 'autumnal' you could have some nice burgundy lip/nail products, there's nothing lovelier than dark, shiny nails and a matching lip colour to complete this look (see, now, in my head i'm picturing the chic, Parisian woman again)

I hope you like this post and I'd love it if you guys would let me know what you think or if you'd add anything?

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