Monday, 31 October 2016

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland...

There are some people that think anything remotely Christmassy before the beginning of December is just plain awful, personally though, I love all things festive! Especially at this time of the year where you start to see Facebook reminders that there's only "9 more Friday's til Santa!" or "2 more paydays til Xmas"...yeah that one scares me a little too...

Last weekend, my sister, my husband and I took a trip to Silverbirch Garden Centre in the Clyde Valley.
I've been here once before a few months ago, and even then their displays and set ups were incredible. Walking through the doors last weekend though, I felt like I'd left Lanark and walked through the wardrobe to Narnia - it was nothing short of stunning! Every corner you turned took your breath away, and some things were fairly simple, like hanging Xmas baubles from lights. If I were to hang Xmas baubles from my lights, I'd be getting strange looks but in Silverbirch it just looks like a work of art, it's such a magical place.

Here are some of the photos we took - I'm sure they won't do it justice but I hope you like them. :-)

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