Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Day 4 - My Three Favourite Festive YouTubers

I LOVE to watch Christmas content on YouTube. I have a small selection of creators that I watch regularly through the year, however festive YouTube videos really get me in the spirit of Christmas. I particularly love a good Vlogmas, for those of you maybe a bit unsure of what that is, it's essentially a video version of what I'm doing right now; a festive video each day from 1-24 December. In this post I'm going to list my top three, hopefully you'll agree and if you haven't heard of them, hopefully it will be a nice introduction to their channels.

1. Zoella

Nobody out there does Vlogmas like Zoella. No one. Ever.

Zoe Sugg and her brand 'Zoella' are managed by Gleam Futures. Zoe has two YouTube channels, and has over 12 million subscribers across the globe. Can you believe that. That's equivalent to 1/5 of the UK's population! As her channel has grown, Zoe has also created a line of Zoella Beauty products and Zoella Lifestyle products for the home and office.

Like myself, Zoe's favourite time of the year is Christmas, so she tends to go all out with her Christmas content. Each year she clears her December schedule to plan the most magical, fun content for her viewers. The thing I love about Zoe's vlogmas is the that she really makes you feel like you are there with her, we have donned our hats and scarves to go and choose her Christmas tree, we've partied the night away with her at the very suave, yearly Gleam Christmas Party. We've hung around in our pyjamas and made hot chocolate. Zoe's vlog for me is like a digital advent calendar, counting down the days in the most fun way. If you are lacking Christmas spirit this year, go on over and take a look at Zoe's channel.

2. Niomi Smart

Although she has had her YouTube channel for a number of years and posts regularly to it, Niomi is fairly new to Vlogmas, however I do love her content. Niomi is extremely health conscious and there's always some footage of her in the gym or exercising at home which creates a very 'real' feeling to her content; it's not all mince pies and tinsel. I think the reason I like her channel so much is because Niomi is really pure, I think she has to be one of the most inoffensive creators in YouTube, it's just very light hearted and fun to watch. Plus her healthy baking sections are incredible! So for a more subtle, less in your face Vlogmas, check out Niomi Smart.

3. Brogan Tate

Last but by no means least, I need to mention Brogan Tate. I have been watching Brogan's weekly vlogs for as long as I can remember and I genuinely love her content. Although she doesn't do Vlogmas, she does usually go on a family holiday around Christmas time. This year, Brogan and her boyfriend, Benji are going on a skiing holiday to Italy with her brother, her mum and her mums partner. If there's one thing Brogan does well, it's a travel vlog! She is Disney obsessed and has a number of Disney travel vlogs on her channel, as well as solo boating trips and city breaks.

Brogan for me is the most relatable YouTuber that I watch, the thing I like most about her content is that it's real, she doesn't hide the lows, she bares all for us to share the ups and downs of life with her. We've seen her cry from pain, sadness, joy and happiness. We've seen her struggle with her job. We've shared the milestones with her. She doesn't take a single bit of her success for granted. So if you are looking for some relatable content this festive season, be sure to check Brogan out.

So there we have it, from amazing, in-your-face Christmas, to subtle, classy Christmas to real Christmas there's something above for everyone to watch. Although my ultimate favourite is Zoella's vlogs, I absolutely love all three and will be following their channels over the next month. Be sure to check them out and let me know if you agree? Or if there's anyone else you think I should be watching, let me know.

Love and hugs!

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