Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Day 6 - Making Your Home Look Festive on a Budget

Gifts. Wrapping paper. Cards. Christmas tree. Baubles. Fairy lights. Christmas parties. Party nights. New outfits. Elf on a shelf. Christmas Eve boxes. Turkey. Trimmings. Beverages. Phew, I'm sure there's some I've missed out but that sounds about right for most of the expenses on the run up to Christmas, doesn't it? It can be really hard on the old purse strings. With everything else to think about paying for, you then have to think of decorating your home, making it look festive. There's no need to panic though, I have found the perfect little decorative items to suit any budget.

Because You Know It's All About The...Tree

Everyone knows it's the start of the Christmas period when the tree goes up. I've never really had the knack with tree decorating, I see Instagram images of the most truly stunning trees - it never quite works out that way for me. Those pesky wee baubles that ping off the tree branches at the littlest of touch, like pretty, sparkly missiles. Or the strings of fairy lights that, after three hours of adjusting, never sit just right. Despite my...short decorating them, I really love a tree at Christmas, I think there's just something so magical about it.

This year we have re-decorated our living room in time for Christmas and the way our furniture is situated, we no longer have anywhere to put a tree. I'll be honest - at first the thought of this made me really sad, I mean what's Christmas without a tree??? However, I was determined my home would still feel festive even without one, so I made it my challenge to find decorative items that I could use to ensure my home still felt 'Christmas-y'.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

So, because we have clearly lost our minds by deciding to decorate right before Christmas, I had to make sure that my Christmas accessories didn't break the bank, so I made sure all of my decorations were on a budget.

B&M do Christmas like M&S do tv adverts; fabulously. Most of the images below were purchased from B&M, however there's a couple of others in there too, Sainsburys, Matalan and Homebase to name a few. Where I can, I will include the link or the price.

Copper lanterns filled with navy and copper baubles and fairy lights - all from B&M

Silver sparkle tree - B&M £12.99

Wooden star and tree with bells - B&M

 These are perhaps my favourites, they were £1 each. £1 - seriously? What a bargain! These look so cute hung on the handle of the window or a door handle. They have a traditional, rustic look about them which I think just make the room feel more warm and welcoming.

Metal HoHoHo sign - perfect for a mantel or a windowsill - B&M - £19.99 

These grey initialed stockings are from Matalan - I got one for myself and my husband - £8 each - I think they look great

Buddys personalised stocking was from an Ebay store!

Last but not least I need to mention my nutcrackers. I have always wanted nutcrackers, I think they just represent Christmas so well and they look really smart. Mine were also from Matalan and were £15 each - we splurged a little on these but I definitely think they are worth it. 

I love my festive home decor items around the house, i wouldn't say it's in your face Christmas-y, however it definitely gives me the festive feels everytime I look at it.

Have you put your tree up this year? Or have you gone for some decorative items like me? Let me know in the comments below - I'd love to hear!

Love and hugs,

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