Saturday, 9 December 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Day 9 - Writing My Christmas Cards

Some people find writing Christmas cards a bit of a chore, but personally I find it quite therapeutic. I like to clear a few hours and sit down to write them.

I usually set myself up in a comfortable spot at the dining table and make myself a cuppa, I then start with my special cards and write them all first, check out Blogmas Day 7 to see where I got them from this year.

As you can see from above (and will most likely already know if you follow my blogs) I am a massive Scottie fan, so the other cards I have chosen this year are also Scottie themed. They are from Sainsburys and are a cute tartan print with a Scottie illustration on -  I love them.

Whilst I'm writing my cards I love to put a Christmas movie on the TV and make a lovely hot cup of tea. This year, I chose my Christmas Scottie mug, just to keep the theme going - yes I am THAT person. I usually try to co-ordinate my wrapping paper to my cards so keep your eyes peeled for my gift wrapping post coming soon.

Do you have any traditions for writing your Christmas cards?  I'm now donning my hat, scarf and gloves to go and deliver mine in the freezing cold - wish me luck!

Love and hugs,

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